So…yes, I took a bit of time off, actually a lot of time off from writing, but I promised myself that 2020 would be a productive year. Despite all the distractions 2020 has brought, both personally and professionally, I stuck with my goal to get in at least an hour every night and a few hours on the weekend to get back into the groove. It was difficult at first, but I’ve learned a great deal and am in the process of writing the best damn novel I’ve got in me. And…it’s NOT a horror novel. After watching the Netflix series You, and subsequently reading the novel, I set out to write an erotic thriller from the perspective of a likeable anti-hero. I promised myself I’d share the news when I hit the halfway point. So here I am!

As well, in the interim, I’ve sold the first couple of short stories I’ve written in a long time. Soon to be announced!

2020 may be sucking on many levels, but it has rejuvenated my inner scribe. I’m thrilled with my most recent work and am looking forward to delivering new fiction for many years to come!
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