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For the first time ever…my novel SLEEPWALKER is available in paperback. Originally published in Limited Edition hardcover from Delirium Books, SLEEPWALKER found its way into e-book and audiobook formats from Crossroad Press. Now, Crossroad Press has released it in paperback!

This will be the year of the Sleepwalker–in addition to this release, it will be out this year in Germany from Voodoo Press and Italy from Nero Press Edizioni.

I consider this to be my very best novel, a cross-genre thriller with elements of horror and Sci-Fi. If you like the works of Dean Koontz, or shows like The X-Files or Quantum Leap, then you will LOVE SLEEPWALKER. And, at 120,000 words, it’s also my longest book.

Next up…a feature film? 😉

You can get your copy for $12.99