Remember the Small Press?

In my last post, I talked about how the small press zine had provided a perfect training ground for me to not only see my work in print and to earn my first very first readers, but it was a means to bring a sort of accomplishment to the table. These zines were a dime a dozen, and they didn’t pay much, maybe a freebie copy of the zine my work was in, or a paltry 1/2 cent a word…but it didn’t matter back then. I was churning out a tale a week and after two years a serious writing, I’d had no less than fifty stories under my belt. Sometimes there were a dozen or more sent out at a time, and I’d come home from work from the boring city desk job and check the mailbox with fun anticipation, hoping one of my SASE’s was in there. That was FUN. The internet was brand new, and the e-submission was virtually non-existent. For markets, I had the wonderful Scavenger’s Newsletter, published by the late Janet Fox. Every month, I’d drool at the thought of this baby arriving in my mailbox:






Then, of course, were the zines themselves. It’s a bit unfortunate that with today’s technology, the days of the desktop zine are virtually nil. There’s still a few out there, but they’re rare these days. Nothing was better than getting that contributor’s copy in the mail. I thought I’d take a moment to look back at some of the zines of the past, many of which you’ll see below contained tales of mine. Enjoy:

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  1. Kristine Ong Muslim Says:

    I’ve been gawking at the covers of these old pulp magazines. It made me want to go back home to my parents’ house and unearth ancient back issues of long defunct zines I’ve collected over the years. :) I’ve read your book, Atmosphere, and I enjoyed it. So bloody awesome.

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