Well…lots of stuff happening…

I know, I’ve been quiet. But life takes its toll, but for me, its all in a good way. I’ve decided after taking 20 years off from playing guitar, that it would be fun to pick it up again. Now, 8 months later, four guitars later, two amps, tons of gear, and a kick ass high energy classic rock band, I’ve got another time consuming hobby on my to-do list. It’s been great fun, but I’d be the first to admit it’s taken a lot of my writing time away. Add in the fact that I do not commute to Manhattan anymore for my day job, and I’ve got even less time on my hands to ink down all those scares. Don’t fear…I am still writing, some short stories here and there, and I do have another novel in the works. But for now…it’s rock and roll, Rubie’s Costumes, and this stuff:

1)      Crossroad Press is ushering me into the digital age. I’ve released nine books over the years, and they will be releasing them all for Kindle. Right now, The Demonologist, Sleepwalker, Demons Freaks, Dregs of Society, and Deep in the Darkness have all been released for Kindle and Nook. You can get them at CrossroadPress.com, Amazon, or wherever e-books are downloaded.

2)      Here’s a new one for me—it appears that my novel Fires Rising, which was published in Germany last year under the title Demon Fire, was nominated for a German Fantasy Award. I am not familiar with this award, or its proper title, but I’m up against the best in the field under the category of Best International Novel:

• Brom: The Children Thief
• Iain Banks: Worlds
• Michael Laimo: Demon Fire
• Neil Gaiman: The smiling and the odd trip to Asgard
• Scott Westerfeld: Leviathan – The Secret Mission

3)      As well, and this is the news I’ve been patiently waiting to share…but my novel RETURN TO DARKNESS, the sequel to DEEP IN THE DARKNESS, will be released this fall in trade paperback. Details coming soon. But…I am very pleased to announce that is WILL BE RELEASED this year!

Thanks for all your continuing support!

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