DEAD SOULS published in Poland

My novel DEAD SOULS is now available in Poland. This is the second title of mine published in Poland, the first being Deep in the Darkness. Here’s the cover:

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  1. Paula Rhodes Says:

    I have really enjoyed your book , Dead Souls. I have always been an avid reader of Stephen King, I have a collection of his books and now I have found another author that keeps me just as compelled as he has and I like that,I’m waiting to start a collection of your books as well, Can’t wait to read the demonologist next I am sure if it is anything like Dead Souls it will keep me captivated! You did an excellent job Thank You
    Paula Rhodes

  2. Angie Wheeler Says:

    Dear Mr. Laimo-

    I have read – Deep in the Darkness
    The Demonologist
    Dead Souls and
    Fires Rising
    I loved all of them. You are a very talented writer. Are you going to publish more any time soon? Really looking forward to it. I’m a huge horror fan!! Keep up the GREAT work!

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