October 14th, 2020

It took a lifetime, but I am on Twitter now. Please follow for all past, present, and future updates!


October 14th, 2020

So…yes, I took a bit of time off, actually a lot of time off from writing, but I promised myself that 2020 would be a productive year. Despite all the distractions 2020 has brought, both personally and professionally, I stuck with my goal to get in at least an hour every night and a few hours on the weekend to get back into the groove. It was difficult at first, but I’ve learned a great deal and am in the process of writing the best damn novel I’ve got in me. And…it’s NOT a horror novel. After watching the Netflix series You, and subsequently reading the novel, I set out to write an erotic thriller from the perspective of a likeable anti-hero. I promised myself I’d share the news when I hit the halfway point. So here I am!

As well, in the interim, I’ve sold the first couple of short stories I’ve written in a long time. Soon to be announced!

2020 may be sucking on many levels, but it has rejuvenated my inner scribe. I’m thrilled with my most recent work and am looking forward to delivering new fiction for many years to come!
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Sleepwalker available in trade paperback

December 17th, 2019

Sleepwalker is the closest thing I’ve ever gotten to a non-horror novel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s rife with elements of horror, but it’s an all-out thriller with elements of horror and sci-fi. Fans of Dean Koontz’s earlier works will love it!


June 14th, 2019

Deep in the Darkness, the film based on my best-selling novel, is streaming on Amazon Prime video. Look for my TWO cameos!


Thank you to my readers in Italy for supporting my new novel SLEEPWALKER

June 8th, 2017


March 30th, 2017

Buy it now for $12.99 on AMAZON.COM!

For the first time ever…my novel SLEEPWALKER is available in paperback. Originally published in Limited Edition hardcover from Delirium Books, SLEEPWALKER found its way into e-book and audiobook formats from Crossroad Press. Now, Crossroad Press has released it in paperback!

This will be the year of the Sleepwalker–in addition to this release, it will be out this year in Germany from Voodoo Press and Italy from Nero Press Edizioni.

I consider this to be my very best novel, a cross-genre thriller with elements of horror and Sci-Fi. If you like the works of Dean Koontz, or shows like The X-Files or Quantum Leap, then you will LOVE SLEEPWALKER. And, at 120,000 words, it’s also my longest book.

Next up…a feature film? 😉

You can get your copy for $12.99

RARE CUTS is now available from Crossroad Press

November 16th, 2015

My fourth short story collection RARE CUTS is now available. This collection contains lots of rare stories, many of which have never been published. Check it out!


Sleepwalker gets my vote for my best novel

October 27th, 2015


It’s long, suspenseful, and in my opinion, my best novel. If you like the twists and turns of some of Dean Koontz’s older works (think Dark Rivers of the Heart), then you will LOVE Sleepwalker!

There are always irons in the fire, and I hope to be able to announce some good news very soon!


April 30th, 2015


DEEP IN THE DARKNESS hits #1 in horror e-books at

December 5th, 2014

Deep in the Darkness is in the midst of a promotion. For the next week you can download a copy for .99 at and

On December 4th, Deep hit #1 on and #3 on in the horror e-books category. Yay!

Thanks to everyone who bought a copy…I hope you enjoy it!